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Three reasons why websites matter

Worry. Regret. Fear. These are the words that changed my business.

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Something to Consider

As business leaders, we’ve all been there.

Sleepless nights, worrying if your latest strategy will work. Or maybe regretting something you said at a meeting. Or worse yet, operating from a place of fear, which causes you to second guess yourself. (Hey, don’t forget it was your game that got you hired in the first place!)

If you run a business and care about what you build, you may have experienced one or all of these emotions. But there’s a way you can leave these feelings behind. And there’s no magic, avoidance or alcohol involved.

Over the years, we’ve learned to keep the ‘feelings’ at an arms distance, so to speak.

And yes, it is hard to do that since the work can be so personal. But by focusing on what you can control, your process, your skills and your attitude, you will find that you can tame your feelings and focus on building the best (FILL IN THE BLANK), you want to build!

Consider this:

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bounce at work

Quality, substantive storytelling is in our DNA at Bounce!

We do this from the inside out, working collaboratively and thinking strategically to curate your content plan and designing every piece of content with consistency to your firm’s unique voice and brand.

We would show you one of our clients’ strategic content plans, but that’s not too cool, right?

Instead, take a minute to visit a splash page that we recently created for one of our clients, CampusCE. As a national SaaS education technology firm, they needed a compelling way to showcase their services to their prospects.

To create the page, we used a mix of visuals, storytelling and motion that speaks directly to their target audience of frontline higher education administrators and decision makers. Since launch, CampusCE has been on track with their lead generation efforts every week and are actively adding to their pipeline of viable clients.

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(Small) Businesses We Love

Green Mesa Consulting

Green Mesa Consulting (GMC) is raising the bar for firms seeking to drive organizational change.

Patricia Gorton and Amy Pasquale—Green Mesa’s founders and I go way back. We’ve worked together on a wide variety of human-centered organizational change projects and now, I am so pleased to be able to feature their firm in this edition of Bounce Ahead.

GMC is a women-owned boutique consulting firm specializing in supporting organizations and leaders as they envision and advance toward building organizations of the future. Future ready organizations are designed to fully tap the potential of the people within it. To support leaders, GMC has developed a framework they call the “Magic 8” to help organizations navigate a more people centric path forward and leverage momentum in a purposeful way.

At the heart of it all is one central question: Is your organization future ready?

To learn more about Patricia, Amy and the valuable services they offer organizations seeking to reimagine their work culture, visit them at

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Things worth sharing

  • “Our clients and reputation are everything,” says Anthony Gaglio Jr., Vice President at Viking Construction, a construction firm based in Hartford, CT. Learn more about their approach to quality in this Hartford Business Journal article by Natalie Missakian.
  • According to Ashwin Srinivasan and Bryan Kurey from the Harvard Business Review,
    “…quality has never mattered more. New technologies have empowered customers to seek out and compare an endless array of products from around the globe.” Take a minute read more about their take on the power of building for quality.
  • Want to improve your customer retention, build brand trust and boost your ROI? Focus on your product quality, says Sammi Caramela, contributing writer at
  • And of course, we can’t forget our business developing friends at the Queens Economic Development Corporation. Check out the latest edition of It’s in Queens, to learn about the best cultural events occurring around our home borough!
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