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We energize organizations in healthcare, workforce development, and financial services that do good in their communities by creating authentic, results-driven communications that build emotional connections with new and diverse audiences.

BOUNCE is scrappy and we hustle, but our remarkable brand builders do what’s right, not what’s quick or easy. The BOUNCE Technique is our way to plot the best path forward so we’re aligned with you from the start on your goals and how we’ll help you achieve them.

It’s how we make brands stand out.

Let’s do it together.

Ada Rosales. Founder & CEO, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

Ada Rosales

Founder & CEO

Eternal optimist, innovative problem solver, and creativity-steeped tactical ninja.
George Rosales, Managing Partner, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

George Rosales

Managing Partner

Colorful storyteller, business orchestrator, and inspired problem solver.

Ed Sweet, Content Director, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

Ed Sweet

Content Director

Astute observer, meticulous fact finder, and creative storyteller.
Bruce Jonas, Copy Director, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

Bruce Jonas

Copy Director

Content dynamo, clever wordsmith, and lifelong learner.
Tony Evans, Lead Designer, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

Tony Evans

Lead Designer

Audacious digital designer, magical illustrator, and imaginative web developer.

Vince Lisi, Art Director, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

Vince Lisi

Art Director

Award-winning creative design leader, print design powerhouse, and typography teacher.

Brenda Alfaro, Transcreation Specialist

Brenda Alfaro

Transcreation Specialist

Global citizen, heart of the party, and provider of sage advice.

Emily Gommel, Brand Designer, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

Emily Gommel

Brand Designer

Inclusive designer, sophisticated illustrator with a keen eye for details.
Neill Fox, Art Director, Bounce Marketing & Consulting
Neill Fox

Art Director

Clever design leader, inventive problem solver, and pro-golfer in training.

Renato Mendez, Latin culture ambassador, thoughtful translator, and savvy technologist, Linguistic Expert
Renato Mendez
Linguistic Expert
Latin culture ambassador, thoughtful translator, and savvy technologist.
Arasele Nazaro, Accounting Manager, Bounce Marketing & Consulting
Arasele Nazario
Accounting Manager
Enterprising team player, calculator wiz, and warm-hearted mentor.
Anne Gibbons, Senior Illustrator, Bounce Marketing & Consulting
Anne Gibbons

Senior Illustrator

Visual narrator, superb listener, and practical guide.
Lucinda Levine,Lead Illustrator, Bounce Marketing & Consulting

Lucinda Levine

Lead Illustrator

Award-winning illustrator, ingenious storyteller, and polished designer.
Patchy P. Patchersen, chief play artist

Patchy P. Patchersen

Chief Play Artist

Sassy, huggable, all-in kind of girl.

Community is our Core Value

BOUNCE is a Minority- and Women- owned marketing agency. We seek to build representation of diverse people and perspectives in all that we do.

We bring understanding and empathy to all communities – because that’s why BOUNCE exists.


Bounce Marketing & Consulting, Brand Strategy Design


By analyzing your organization’s vision, mission and stakeholders, we crystalize a brand strategy that expands your value in your audiences’ eyes.


By understanding your organization’s identity, we create on-brand key messages and visuals in your digital and integrated communications.


By building strong partnerships, we map out tactics, hitting every milestone, and make it happen with a smile!