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Let's talk about you.

Your brand strategy begins with you. Your mission. Your value. Your competitive advantages. And perhaps most important, your goals. Because you’re on a continuous journey and need to adapt.

Let’s talk about your customers, too. After all, you’re doing it all for them. We address their perspectives and needs in building (or rebuilding) your brand identity. Because you’re not going out into a vacuum – you’re targeting specific audiences and our job is to connect you with them.

BOUNCE’s deeply curious brand strategists commit themselves to understanding your essence, your audience, and partnering with you in the long term. We typically build a two- to three-year roadmap that includes:

  • Construction of a powerful positioning platform that level-sets your identity and messaging.
  • Dissemination throughout your organization so all your stakeholders are on board and on the same page.
  • Shepherding your revised brand into the market with a consistent tone and messaging at all touchpoints.

Strategy that adds value to your brand, inspires your stakeholders, and realizes your vision.

Deliverables include: 

    • Documented brand strategy
    • Positioning statement
    • Tagline
    • Brand promise
    • Value proposition  development
  • Competitive landscape/analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Messaging framework
  • 360º marketing campaigns
  • And more…