Let’s face it, we know when we are being marketed and sold to. Unless you’re this guy,  gone are the days of “need and go get it,” particularly for significant purchases. Not too long ago, for example, if you needed an air conditioner, you went to Sears. No question, almost like a robot.

Now, we are all armed with powerful tools like our phones, loaded with apps that can deliver so much information about the things we buy every day. In fact, don’t we expect to find a lot of information before we buy? I know I do. I like to see a few videos, read a review or two, check out social media and then head to a website. We all do it.

If I don’t see product information, on 3rd party sites, it raises a red flag and I will usually hold off until I see some content. Unless it’s an emergency of course! Funny how that works nowadays.

In this edition, we are building on last month’s idea of customer engagement by backing up just a little bit. What do we mean by this? Any writer worth their salt will tell you, before writing anything, the very first step is to consider your audience. “Who am I writing to? And why?”

This is where content marketing comes in. Content marketing increases your chances of connecting with your customers and can be the difference between an open email versus the dreaded trash folder.

But make no mistake, there is still a psychology and a process to selling, but as your customers become more savvy and use different tools to inform their purchase decisions, your company needs to respond by offering them content where they are, that is informative and useful, but without the hard sell.

Like all things we discuss through Bounce Ahead, we are a call away to help you think through your approach to engage more clients to drive more business. We invite you to read on.

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P.S. Happy Spring! Yay!

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A young man playing video games, a different game to drive business results

Photo by Mark Decil on Unsplash

Something to Consider

In the post information age, marketers must now play a different game to drive business results. Which is one reason why companies that understand content marketing post often, on multiple channels and in a variety of forms, all under a unifying look and message.

Content marketing as opposed to conventional marketing, can improve the odds that your company will connect with your ideal customers. This is done in several different ways and we’ve put together a few considerations, as you get ready to launch your campaign.

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Northwell Health Summer employee magazines

Bounce at Work

We love to tell stories and it’s a privilege to do so for several employee magazines for Northwell: Lenox Life, MEETH Beat and LHGV News.

Take a look at these brand new magazines that are capturing the attention of staff in one of New York’s largest hospital networks.

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An image of a laptop, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, Division of Workforce Development

(Small) Businesses We Love

Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, Division of Workforce Development

The Division of Workforce Development and Continuing Education at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, is playing an instrumental role in ensuring working adults have access to opportunities that do not require a traditional degree. Their new website, KCC Future InSight helps job-seekers map out career options, based on real time labor market data, their level of academic achievement and professional interests.

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Things Worth Sharing

Just in time for Spring! Giant installation of 150,000 native Australian blooms displays the power of flowers