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Three reasons why websites matter

The “so what” of content marketing

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In the post information age, marketers must now play a different game to drive business results. Which is one reason why companies that understand content marketing post often, on multiple channels and in a variety of forms, all under a unifying look and message.

Content marketing as opposed to conventional marketing, can improve the odds that your company will connect with your ideal customers. This is done in several different ways and we’ve put together a few considerations, as you get ready to launch your campaign.

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Northwell Health Summer employee magazines

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We love to tell stories and it’s a privilege to do so for several employee magazines for Northwell: Lenox Life, MEETH Beat and LHGV News. Take a look at these brand new magazines that are capturing the attention of staff in one of New York’s largest hospital networks.
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small businesses we love

Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, Division of Workforce Development The Division of Workforce Development and Continuing Education at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, is playing an instrumental role in ensuring working adults have access to opportunities that do not require a traditional degree. Their new website, KCC Future InSight helps job-seekers map out career options, based on real time labor market data, their level of academic achievement and professional interests.
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Things worth sharing

  • Take a few minutes to read this great post from Shanelle Mullin from CXL on the difference between linear funnels vs. tornadoes. Super sharp and spot on.
  • This post will help sales reps define prospect vs suspects and improve the quality of leads in your funnel. Thank you, Justin McGill from Lead Fuze!
  • Check out this great infographic from the team at Crestline, which is full of great data to help guide your thinking around how you post, which platforms you focus on, and what you can expect to see as a result.
  • We are so glad to share with you the latest edition of It’s in Queens, brought to you by the great team at the Queens Economic Development Corporation. Check out all the events happening this week, all over Queens, NY.
  • Just in time for Spring! Giant installation of 150,000 native Australian blooms displays the power of flowers
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