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Customer loyalty, customer engagement, customer success, reward, surprise and delight initiatives–whatever they are called, developing and consistently executing an approach to nurture loyalty from your customers is an essential element to virtually every brand that wants to drive repeat business from its customers.

Doing this effectively builds community, provides customers real value and costs you less in the long run since your customers become a great source of new customer referrals for you. At first glance, this may seem like another process to manage or you might be thinking that you are too small (or too big) to need one.

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Bounce at Work

We love what we do and our clients do too.

A. Francis & Associates is celebrating more than 20 years in business and hired Bounce to design a brand identity that would display the essence of their firm. “Bounce delivered above and beyond quality. I am thrilled with my new brand identity” said Anthony Francis, Principal.

Anthony’s branding gives a nod to important holidays that bring us together in honor of love, family and community in our beloved USA.

Need proof that a brand refresh can make a HUGE difference? Read our issue of Bounce Ahead “When is it time to refresh your branding?” to see if it’s time for you and let’s make it happen!

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small businesses we love

In the spirit of celebrating loyalty, we want to give a shout-out to our very own, Tony Evans, for the launch of his new business venture, Keyeser & Marie.

Keyeser & Marie is an arts organization that aims to manifest opportunities for artists by creatively investing resources to support sustainable careers. This passion project is inspired by and dedicated to Tony’s grandparents, Ben & Marie Evans, who were both avid supporters of the arts. 

Way to go, Tony! What a wonderful tribute and way to continue their legacy.  

Check out their latest project too!

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things worth sharing

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