Right now, content is your connection

Face-to-face interactions are extremely limited these days. We’ve all felt the longing pang for in-person collaboration or lunch with a trusted colleague. For frontliners, they’ve adopted personal distance, protective gear, or video chat to do their jobs – adding an awkward barrier to relationship building and service.

How can we better connect with colleagues, customers, employees, and partners? It’s time to sharpen your online communications. Content is the new connection, but it’s critical for it to be engaging and purposeful. While we may have extra time on our hands, we don’t want to waste it sifting through meaningless messaging.

Establish regular updates, but not too much since you might be deemed “spammy.” Share changes in your organization that address the shifting landscape. If you’ve got a beneficial product or service, promote it and trumpet the why and how. If you’ve got practical tips or advice, post it! You may help someone. Have a burning desire to stand up for your beliefs? Let your network know what your values are. Be thoughtful, strategic, and consistent, and consider Bounce your guide.

Thanks for checking with us! Stay well and we hope you enjoy what we’ve prepared here for you.

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The Great Problem Solver: Content

Bounce Marketing and Consulting, Our Work, Blog, July Newsletter, Bounce Marketing and Consulting, Our Work, Blog, July Newsletter, Something to ConsiderPhoto by Donna Kraus
Content can be such a good salve – honestly, it should be bottled and sold on every pharmacy shelf. It’s good that there are companies like Bounce who basically do this (wink, hint, nudge!)

Yet while content is not a cure-all for all of the ills your organization faces, it sure is a good solution for many of them, or at the very least can perform as a compass in a changing environment. What are some pain points that content can help solve when building or running an organization? Read on for some examples.

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Bounce Marketing and Consulting, Our Work, Blog, July Newsletter, Things Worth Sharing


Things Worth Sharing

  • Everywhere you turn these days, you hear about authenticity. They say you’ve got to be real in order to connect with today’s social media savvy audiences and consumers. But it’s not necessarily true. Brian Clark, the founder of CopyBlogger, delivers a clear and thoughtful article around the idea of authenticity.
  • Check out the latest edition of It's In(side) Queens from the Queens Economic Development Corporation-Tourism Council for another incredible lineup of Queens based happenings and events in music, film, dance, art, history,...sheesh! It just keeps going. Just like Queens!
  • You shouldn’t dive into paid advertising or content marketing without knowing exactly who your buyers are. Knowing and understanding who buys, or will buy your products is imperative to help you maximize your advertising return-on-investment and content effectiveness. Check out this post from Shopify for a fairly comprehensive and very useful how to.
  • LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that is replacing New York City pay phones with state-of-the-art kiosks called Links. Link Local is a program that provides free advertisements for small businesses, community groups, and local events. Best of all, LinkNYC generates its own revenue through advertising, sponsorships and partnerships, ensuring that it comes at no cost to users or taxpayers and is well maintained. Sounds like a win-win!
  • Everything you know about positioning is wrong. Positioning is the act of giving customers a map of the current landscape and then instructing them where they fit and why one solution is better than the others around them. The problem that positioning was designed to solve hasn’t gone away — it’s gotten exponentially worse. Learn more from April Dunford in her insightful post.
  • Bonus yummy link! I scream, you scream….ok, you know the rest! The entire world loves ice cream. And like most culinary sensations, Queens has the most delicious batches. Here are some of the borough’s best scoops, as served up by the Queens Chamber of Commerce. Just be sure to check in before you head out to a location near you. (Darn Covid!)
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(Small) Businesses We Love

Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, Division of Workforce Development

Our client, the Division of Workforce Development and Continuing Education at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY continues to do what it does best; preparing adults for the ever-changing world of work. Check out their deep portfolio of relevant and top quality non-credit training programs in professions that are in high demand. The Division, like all of CUNY’s Adult and Continuing Education units across New York City, is playing an instrumental role in ensuring working adults have access to opportunities that do not require a traditional degree. As our city and region slowly reemerge, consider the Division of Workforce Development at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY as your partner to position you for career success.

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Bounce Marketing and Consulting, Our Work, Blog, July Newsletter


Bounce at Work

This is a typical day at Bounce with the creative team of Ada, Vince, Ashley and George strategizing for our next design challenge. What are you looking to re-imagine in your strategy? Tell us here. We’d love to be your guide.