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New is not always best

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“Mostly we authors must repeat ourselves–that’s the truth…and we tell our two or three stories each time in a new disguise–maybe ten times, maybe a hundred, as long as people will listen.”— F. Scott Fitzgerald

It’s been said that there’s nothing new under the sun. That may be overly simplistic, but the kernel of truth is this: originality doesn’t necessarily spring from wholly unexplored ideas, forms, or concepts. Instead, it often branches out from what already exists. If that’s good enough for celebrated authors, it’s fantastic for us and the promotional content we create. Keeping marketing fresh and exciting is not only an enormous challenge, but it also impacts revenue in the form of new business and expenditure in terms of creative costs.

So the next time you’re obsessing about creating new content, think about reaching backwards for inspiration. For one thing, your audience hasn’t seen every single piece of content you’ve posted. If it didn’t address a problem, need, or desire they had at the time, it’s a safe bet that they scrolled right on by. You may also have newer followers who haven’t had exposure to older content. Since we know that it takes repetition for a message to take root, don’t be afraid to reuse and recycle. I guarantee it will reduce your stress!

Here’s four tips on how to repeat yourself in disguise:

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things worth sharing

  • Check out this great post from Joe Apfelbaum and Tami Joy Schlichter from Evyrgreen Networking who share timely insights for every LinkedIN user on why words matter, the power of being kind and why you should nunca, never, jamas, ever be a troll. As the saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” Truer words have not been spoken!
  • Talk about reimagining content! Seniors in the U.K. staged photoshoots of classic album covers inspired by Elvis Presley, Madonna, David Bowie and other musicians. At Bounce, we LOVE music and life. This story just makes us smile!
  • Check out this week’s edition of It’s in Queens!, from the Queens Tourism Council at the Queens Economic Development Corporation for the latest in tastes, sights, sounds and things to do in our beloved home borough.
  • “Is that a picture of a vase or 2 people about to kiss?” Like that, but on steroids. In the beautifully animated short film, A Mind Sang by Portuguese multidisciplinary artist Vier Nev, he visually explores the concept of Pareidolla, the common psychological phenomenon in which the mind incorrectly perceives an unfamiliar image to be a recognizable object. Creativity and imagination at its finest. Check it out (and be sure to maximize your screen for the full effect).

Bonus: Retro gamer-LEGO head smash up link! Oh snap! The Verge reports that Lego and Nintendo are teaming up for a new Lego set that assembles into a blocky model of Nintendo’s 8-bit gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, along with an interactive TV displaying Super Mario Bros.

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Small Businesses We Love

“When you love what you do, is it work?” asks Najm Duran, the owner of Mama’s Sweet Scrubs in Warwick, NY. Launched in 2015, Mama’s Sweet Scrubs has been committed to quality non-toxic products and uses only the finest ingredients to make their line of skin care products.

Bounce could not agree with Najm more. Loving what you do is contagious and your clients and customers can see and feel it. We are proud to support Mama’s Sweet Scrubs and encourage you to support her too by treating your skin to Mama’s Sweet Scrubs high quality skincare products.


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