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Don’t let your data scare you!

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something to consider

“You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”

We are not sure who coined this phrase but it doesn’t matter. To us, the message is clear. Be nice, be kind and be courteous. (The universal, yes?) You know what else these words tell us? To listen. And in this case, we need to listen to what our customers have been telling us, through their actions (and your own) and offer up more of what they seek.

These days, brands that aren’t listening run the risk of losing the room and losing customers. Who can afford to lose customers? (Nope, not one hand is up, is it?) These days, businesses must use the tools at their disposal to cultivate their community.

At Bounce, we always strive to listen first but to also meet our clients where they are. We also take a step back and ask ourselves, what is OUR market telling us? What are the common pain points of OUR community and client base? Then, we use this information to offer up solutions, create messages, evergreen content, new ideas, offers, you know, all of it!

But in the age of cooties (See: clinical definition), we all know we can’t meet just anyone in person right now to establish a relationship, on a business or human level.

Here are a few ways to help you act on what you know and generate interest in your business and brand.

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things worth sharing

  • Sales and marketing misalignment reduces revenue, lowers the quality of customer service, and can even dampen company culture. So how do you get aligned? Check out this fantastic article from Shay Howe at CXL.This should be printed on gold. It’s that good.
  • We can always count on the Queens Economic Development Corporation to share the best events happening all over our home town. Check out this week’s listings in, “It’s in Queens!”
  • It’s common to talk about moving a prospect through the sales funnel. Yet organizations place incredible pressure on teams to improve their average close rates and shorten the sales cycle. But to do this effectively, sales leaders must ensure enough resources are provided to optimize every step of the sales process. Or so says, Danny Wong from Salesforce. Don’t agree? Tell us why, please. We need to know!
  • Do you know how a Marketing Qualified Lead is determined? If not, this post is for you! Thank you for breaking it down, Justin McGill and LeadFuze, you rock!
  • Bonus link: Music is life!  Did you hear that 17,572 professional singers from 129 countries came together to perform Eric Whitacre’s “Sing Gently?” We didn’t either. Now we can’t forget it.
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small businesses we love

Aigner Chocolates

We are not sure about you, but at Bounce we love us some quality chocolate!

A few years ago, we found out about a local hidden gem; Aigner Chocolates, located in the heart of Forest Hills, Queens and minutes from Bounce’s HQ. Aigners has been in business for more than 90 years and recently celebrated this milestone with a socially distanced celebration marking this incredible small business achievement. Congratulations, Aingers and here is to another 90 years in business!

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Don't let your data scare you, CampusCE

bounce at work

Bounce is proud to work with CampusCE, a technology firm specializing in education management software that continuing education administrators, faculty and students love to use.

This month, CampusCE, is celebrating more than 10 years supporting the Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) – YAY.

Congratulations to CampusCE and CEANY for championing the continuing education,  workforce training and professional learning community throughout New York State!


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