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BOUNCE Ahead, May 2024 edition, Celebrating 5 years at Bounce

Celebrating 5 years at Bounce

To celebrate our 5th anniversary helping brands elevate their marketing, we caught up with our founder, Ada Rosales. She shared the reason she started BOUNCE, how it’s grown over the years, and her exciting vision for the future.

What inspired you to start your own marketing firm?

Back in 2016, after close to two decades in corporate marketing, I wanted to get into executive coaching. But as they say, life had different plans. A friend connected me with an opportunity to become the Marketing Director for the Organization Development Network of New York. It ended up being a perfect fit, allowing me to leverage my experience in a new, meaningful direction.

At OD, I spearheaded a complete rebrand and repositioning effort that ultimately doubled our membership. Inspired by that success, a colleague introduced me to another non-profit organization in need of rebranding and a new website. I embraced the challenge, assembled a team, and delivered exceptional results.

It was around this time that my husband George asked a pivotal question: “Ada, why don’t you start your own marketing consultancy?” That simple inquiry was the spark that ultimately gave birth to BOUNCE. I knew that taking the entrepreneurial leap would be a bold risk, but I was ready to invest in myself and my vision.

The launch of BOUNCE was fueled by the endless support and encouragement from my loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Each person championing my abilities gave me more conviction to turn this dream into reality.

Today, BOUNCE stands as a testament to resilience and the power of community. As a woman-owned business, we take immense pride in helping brands soar, embodying that same sense of courage and vision that defined our own beginnings.

What’s it like working so closely with your husband George?

Working with George is beautifully rewarding, though it comes with challenges too! After being married for 15 years, I thought I knew everything about him. But then we took the entrepreneurial plunge together and I got to discover a whole new side of George as my business partner.

What makes our partnership thrive is that we’re best friends who’ve built a foundation of transparency and open communication. I’m the analytical, left-brained one, bringing precision thinking, data-driven strategies, and long-term vision to the table. George is my creative, right-brained counterpart, who infuses our work with ideas and inspiration, while nurturing our incredibly valuable client relationships.

Our contrasting strengths create a synergy that makes our boutique agency a very dynamic place, and I think our clients appreciate the lively energy and banter that comes from George and I working together.

For us, BOUNCE isn’t just a business, it’s our deeply personal labor of love. We don’t have children, so in many ways BOUNCE is like our baby. Our shared passion and determination to make BOUNCE thrive is what roots our strong partnership and commitment as a couple. Getting to build something so meaningful together has been one of the greatest joys of our lives.

Can you tell me about your other very special family member who's part of BOUNCE?

Absolutely, the real heart and soul of BOUNCE is our playful pup Patchy! Every morning I wake up to her joyful antics and it starts my day off with a smile. Patchy is our official “Chief Play Artist” and company mascot.

We couldn’t resist making her the furry face of BOUNCE. Anne Gibbons, one of our talented illustrators, created what we lovingly call “emotipatches”—adorable hand-drawn illustrations of Patchy that capture our core values: boldness, curiosity, delight, and happiness.

I’m grateful to have Patchy as my non-stop source of motivation and my ever-loyal office companion. She reminds me never to take myself too seriously and to always lead with kindness.

The BOUNCE name is so vibrant and energetic: Can you share the story behind it?

The name “BOUNCE” reflects our core philosophy of helping brands rebound and thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. It signifies resilience, positive energy, and the ability to quickly adapt. It’s actually an acronym that stands for “Be Open – Unlock New – Create and Engage.”

It’s our very own technique which we use to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and has proven to be successful in supporting our clients to take bold action with their own brands.

As you think about the growth of BOUNCE, what lessons have you learned along the way?

The biggest one for me, so far, is getting out of my comfort zone and saying “yes” to networking more often. Meeting new people and participating in events through organizations that are new to me is something I’ve had to do much more, especially as a business owner.  

I see George do it with ease. That’s another plus of working with a partner who has a completely different personality and approach to our work. He’s been a great coach and partly because of that, I now enjoy and look forward to meeting new people and the networking that’s essential to grow the business and learn from others.   

Who is your ideal client, and how do you craft your services to best suit their needs?

Our ideal partners are people who lead brands that create positive change in the world around them.

By taking the time to understand their values, objectives, and audiences, we’re able to tailor highly creative, impactful marketing strategies and campaigns that align with their missions, whether it’s developing a compelling brand narrative, designing an original identity, or executing an omnichannel initiative to better connect with their audiences.

Can you tell us about some of BOUNCE's most successful campaigns so far and what made them so effective?

There are so many exciting projects I’m proud of! One that really stands out is our recent work with Northwell Health, the second largest employer in New York City. We created an innovative, music-themed campaign to unite their 85,000+ team members around a new Electronic Health Records system. Through spirited branding and compelling messaging, we’re helping enhance operational efficiency and the overall patient experience throughout their hospital system. Another collaboration I’m excited about is our work with OTTO Brand Lab for Jovia Financial Credit Union. We’re working together to transcreate their brand to forge meaningful connections with the vibrant Latino community on Long Island. The brand is making a big investment in this audience and it’s important that the design and copywriting resonate on a cultural level. Lastly, I have to give a shoutout to our work branding Kingsborough Community College’s “Future InSight” program. We created personas, developed customer journeys, and designed their website to guide students from certificate programs into fulfilling careers in healthcare, accounting, hospitality, and other fields.

Looking ahead, what’s your big-picture vision for BOUNCE over the next 5 to 10 years?

I’d like for BOUNCE to take what we’ve been doing so successfully for local and regional brands and expand our impact nationwide. I know there are purpose-driven organizations across the country that need the kind of strategic creativity, executional excellence, and personalized approach we’re known for in the New York/Tri-State Area.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

My best advice is to stay true to your passion and purpose: that inner fuel and conviction will sustain you through the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Surround yourself with a network of mentors and collaborators who elevate you. And never stop learning, adapting, and embracing a growth mindset. It’s been an incredible journey building BOUNCE from the ground up. If you pour your heart into it and remain dedicated and resilient, the rewards of building your own business are immense.

If you’re considering new strategies to grow your business, a brand refresh or have a creative problem that needs solving, please reach out to us at or 917.687.5039


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