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Three reasons why websites matter

3 reasons your organization’s internal communication operation is more important than your sales and business development operation

Last week, a good friend and fellow business owner and I were catching up over coffee.

We talk regularly and as usual, we started to compare notes about the state of our businesses and what we believe is working for us right now.

He’s in financial services and is an expert at what he does. He’s the type who leans into his sales and quotes that scene, all the time.

“Always be closing. A.B.C.! Always be closing!”

And I get it. For him, managing leads and closing deals is the main priority.

Without regular attention to business development, sales and clients, I wouldn’t be running a company, but would be an overqualified hobbyist instead!

But our conversation made me think about a different set of “A.B.C’s.”

As in, “Always Be Communicating.”

Especially now, as the nature of how and where we work is changing.

Right now, businesses, large and small, must re-examine how they are communicating to their customers of course, but also to their employees.

People are leaving their jobs in droves and research is demonstrating that talented people crave more from their employers, and beyond just extra pay.

Not slogans or buzz words either.

But rather, thoughtfully considered words and actions that are communicated to make your teams feel a part of something bigger and purpose driven.

It’s an approach that starts from the inside out.

And we’re here to make the case that right now, Internal Communications is more worthy of your energy than your sales and business development operation, to drive loyalty, from your employees.

In this month’s edition of Bounce Ahead, we share a few reasons why your organization should take a closer look at how it communicates internally.

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Something to Consider

Reason #1: The Great Resignation Is Real and It’s Happening In recent research from McKinsey & Company, 40% of employees indicated they were at least “somewhat likely” to leave their current job in the next three to six months. Satisfied workers may be tempted to leave as their job opportunities expand. But more than a third of workers who recently quit didn’t have another job lined up. Why are employees leaving at this rate? That depends on who you ask. Employers perceive the top 3 reasons driving the exodus to be:
  • salary/compensation
  • work-life balance
  • health reasons
But ask employees, and the top 3 reasons for leaving their jobs are related to:
  • not feeling valued by their company
  • not feeling valued by their managers
  • not feeling a sense of belonging at work
Over the years, we’ve worked with or observed businesses who treat internal communications as an afterthought or a ‘nice to have.’ But this function is too important to be treated that way.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

It’s ok if you weren’t considering the true value of your company’s internal communications. We get it. You have a lot to manage and plan for. After reading this edition of Bounce Ahead, do you think you need one now? Let’s find out. Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation with us. Contact us to take advantage of our no cost consultation to help you determine where you are now in your internal comms efforts.
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Bounce at Work

Internal communications, when done right, is a critical ingredient to a company’s success.


There are a lot of reasons.

One reason is that expressing a company’s mission, values and beliefs is unique to each company. And in some cases, proprietary.

While we can’t share our internal communication work samples, we can share a few comments we’ve received about our work from our valued clients and partners.

(Thank you for the support, btw. It’s a privilege to work with you!)

  • “As a leader, it is very hard for me to be this open with my team. I feel I can speak with you with full transparency and you get where I’m coming from.
  • “I leave meetings with Bounce feeling energized and ready to take on the hard stuff.”
  • “You guys understand my work because you’ve done it too. When we talk, I can get right into it. You ask the right questions and always know what I’m looking for.”

We’re happy to feature our guy, @Tony Evans and his latest creative work, The Spectrums.

A few weeks back, Tony submitted, The Spectrums for consideration into the 2022 Embracing Our Differences international art exhibit celebrating diversity.

Not only is Tony a great work partner and a super creative talent, but he is also pretty darn eloquent. He loves art and tells us that, “Art has an uncanny ability to transport people to alternate perspectives, and through this project I hope we all can embrace the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.”

Well said, Tony and congratulations on your latest submission too!

Want to see more from AC Evans Art? Check out his IG @acevansart

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Things worth sharing

  • In his great piece from Forbes, Rick Murray argues that, “ …communications should acknowledge (with optimism and solid plans for going forward) challenges head-on. They should also explain not just the “what” but also the “why” of resulting changes and new programs and offerings.” Do you agree? (we do!)
  • Darian Mavandad from communication software provider, IC Thrive, writes that, “…employers are scrambling to keep their workforces happy, however, investing in free lunches, better coffee, and more company events may be missing the underlying reason (for the Great Resignation) entirely. Read this great piece for additional perspective on the value of a comprehensive internal comms strategy.
  • “Everything that happens in the workplace is reflective of the mental well-being of every member of an organization,” writes Sydnie Kerr from Backstitch. Check out her article to learn more about total rewards statements and why they matter to your employees.
  • This month’s edition of Bounce Ahead wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include the latest edition of “It’s in Queens,” the Queens Economic Development Corporation’s weekly roundup of all the great arts, foodie and cultural events happening all over our hometown of Queens, NY. Check it out.
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